• Retail Insider Article - Much greater focus needed on reusing goods

    Glynn Davis - Retail Insider - Much greater focus needed on reusing goods

    Reuse needs to become mainstream and not the preserve of the financially strapped or the environmentally savvy.

    It requires a cultural change as well as Government intervention to push the whole thing from cottage industry to the norm.  These seismic changes can occur, take plastic bags in supermarkets or renewable energy, in a very short period of time.

    All it takes is the will and some degree of Government commitment. Reuse could be as mainstream as buying new within a few years and think of the positive environmental impact.

    RetailManufacturers and Retailers should start to rethink their business models, that way they will be ahead of the curve, rather than playing catch up.

    Cris Stephenson CEO

  • A Gift of Trees!

  • Raising Money for Cancer Research

    During March, a few of us from the Grantham office decided to raise some money for Cancer Research by doing the Step up to Cancer Challenge.

    We did 10k steps every day for 31 days including the WEEKENDS—a collective of 1,550,000 steps. Bearing in mind we are office-based, this has been tough!

    So far we have raised an outstanding amount of £830, but it doesn't have to end there! Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this awful disease and every penny really does count to help fund the research so that a cure can be found sooner rather than later. If you would like to make a donation, please use the link below.


    Thank you From the WEEE Walkers (Zoe, Eileen, Adrian, Andrew, Kerry McC, Kerry C, Karina, Mitch)

  • BECS - Bagged E-Waste Collection Service

    We are pleased to announce our 1st Becs (Bagged e-waste collection service) shipment.

    We send out the sack, the client fills it full of e-waste when it's full they use a web portal or call and we collect it within 24/48 hrs from anywhere in the UK for the same price.

    Set up to help those retailers who were in the DTS and now have to accept e-waste in store.

    It's simple for their staff to manage and is of course compliantly reused or recycled.

    By the way, we didn't collect them in the artic unit.....

  • Recycling old Tech with Currys/PC World

    Click on the link to follow the journey of recycling and reuse, partly filmed at our site in Grantham...



  • Environcom Transport Fleet

    We have two new additions to the Environcom Transport fleet, a division of Environcom that is one of the best-kept secrets and something we need to shout about.

    We can assist with walking floor, tipper or curtain siders, or plain old box vans.

    Contact John Broomfield, Transport Manager,  on 01476 564942 or for those who watch the pennies 0844 7360071.

  • Launch of Domestic Electrical Spares Product Range

    Today we launched our new “Domestic Electrical Spares” product range to compliment the reuse activities of white goods, which we are the UK’s market leaders.

    We sold our first spare before it even got properly started.  The first purchase was made by Toni Dawson who was presented with a specially wrapped edition of a refurbished fridge shelf.

    We have long been using these spare parts from machines, which cannot be repaired, to give another appliance a new lease of life.

    Our reuse of whole appliances is popular, providing refurbished high-quality washing machines, ovens, and fridges to the UK and European consumers at attractive prices.

    Our next phase aim is to provide affordable spare parts for people to undertake simple repairs or parts replacements in their own homes.

    This is a further demonstration of Environcom’s commitment to the waste hierarchy by offering a range of replacement spare parts nationwide, we allow people to extend the lives of their own domestic appliances, supporting the prevention of the generation of e-waste in the first place.

    Spare parts for sale include frequently damaged or broken parts such as fridge shelves, salad trays, door shelves as well as electrical components. All spares are cleaned and tested and marketed on our website https://lnkd.in/dVMiXq6.

  • MRW National Recycling Awards

    The results of the MRW National Recycling Awards (NRAs) were revealed on 27 January during a virtual ceremony where hundreds of people gathered online to champion the industry’s achievements.

    With 17 categories, the awards cover every aspect of the recycling and waste management industry, from Food Waste Initiative to Recycling Excellence. The NRAs bring together recycling and waste management professionals to recognise and celebrate best practice and innovation in recycling and waste management. The awards provide industry recognition and unrivaled networking opportunities.

    In partnership with Repic, Environcom has been awarded Highly Commended for Partnership Excellence – Commercial.

    On LinkedIn, Environcom CEO, Cris Stephenson, commented…

    “Very pleased and proud of both teams at Environcom and Repic as Highly Commended was a very good result especially given the nature of the award which was “partnership” and not the actual technology of CARRIE.

    I really hope it is a sign that the whole marketplace is maturing from an adversarial approach to a partnership approach. I came from the Logistics, road transport market and when I joined that industry, companies like M&S were lauded for their aggressive approach to suppliers ultimately topped by one of Britain’s biggest supermarkets methodology but new Retailers and indeed some of the old ones realised that contrary to the mantra “screw your supplier down and you get the best price & service” the opposite was true for long term relationships. Because what occurs is that both companies are hell-bent on getting one over on each other and only working for their own goals that the obvious cost and service benefits that suit both are missed. This damages both parties in the long term and ill serves the ultimate customer….….us or, in the case of our industry, the Environment.”

    Graeme Milne, Strategic Business Development Director of Repic Ltd also commented…

    “We were delighted to be nominated with our friends Environcom Ltd for the “Partnership Excellence - Commercial” award at today’s National Recycling Awards, hosted by comedian Tom Allen. Very pleased to receive a Highly Commended from the judges.”

  • The Secret World of your Rubbish - Channel 5

    Prior to the March Lockdown, Production Company Knickerbockerglory TV visited our Grantham site to shoot a documentary called The Secret World of Your Rubbish: Series 2.

    The film crew spent three days following the entire process of both recycling and re-use items from start to finish, involving various members of our employees in the filming.

    The show was aired on Channel 5, over two episodes, on Thursday 30th July and Thursday 13th August.

    If you didn't manage to see it, you will find it on catch up, via My5.

  • COVID-19

    We continue to be open for business and to serve our customers.

    We will closely monitor the developments in relation to COVID-19, our top priority is the health of our employees, customers and suppliers. We must also ensure that both our sites remain open for our customers and the environment. We therefore have decided to take further steps to avoid transmission of infection to our staff and suppliers.

    To that end we have made temporary changes to the way in which we operate. These changes took effect from last week but we continue to change them as advised by the Government.

    • Everyone attending the site will be subject to a non-invasive temperature check. • Should you show an elevated temperature you will be asked to leave and advised to follow the governments instruction on self-isolation • To minimise the number of people we have on-site at any one time, please advise us by phone that you will be visiting before your arrival. • Only enter the weighbridge office one at a time, this will be controlled as the weighbridge will only allow one vehicle on at a time to enter. But in the event a vehicle is leaving at the same time please wait outside. • After preparing the vehicle for offloading, drivers must return to their vehicle before our staff approach to conduct an inspection or to offload. • Please note, the turn-around of deliveries may be slower due to the necessary interaction restrictions. • Once the material is unloaded or loaded you will be required to leave site. We will then weigh and you can proceed as usual. • We will insist upon and enforce physical distancing at both sites to protect both you and our employees.

    We aim to resume normal service as soon as the Government adjusts its guidance and we will continue to keep you informed.

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