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  • British Safety Council International Safety Award 2017

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    Environcom wins British Safety Council International Safety Award for the second year running

    What a fantastic month of achievement for Environcom. Not only has the company recently been awarded Winner of the Circular Economy Champion of the Year for 2017, now the British Safety Council has awarded Environcom with Winner of the International Safety Award for 2017.

    This is a highly prestigious award, and has been awarded to Environcom for the second year running.

    Cris Stephenson, Managing Director, said “This is a tremendous result. We have now won this award for the second year in a row. This is testament to the direction that Environcom is taking, to strive to be the very best in our industry. Our employees have all played an important part in this achievement, of which they can be justifiably very proud. Their dedication and hard work in making Environcom a better, safer place to work, is key in making this award possible.”

    Now in their 59th year, the International Safety Awards recognize and celebrate organisations from around the world which have demonstrated to the satisfaction of the scheme’s independent judges their commitment to preventing workplace injuries and work-related ill health during the previous calendar year.

    In 2017, 578 organizations won an International Safety Award. They span all sectors and are drawn from the companies across the World.

    Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the British Safety Council, congratulated Environcom, on their success in winning an International Safety Award 2017: “The British Safety Council commends Environcom, on their achievement. The award is in recognition of their commitment and efforts to keep their employees and workplaces free of injury and ill health. “Sensible and proportionate management of health and safety risks at work brings lasting benefits for workers, their families, businesses and society as a whole. By celebrating and sharing the achievements of the winners of the International Safety Awards, we encourage businesses all over the world to follow their lead and place employees’ health and safety at the heart of their business. Our warmest congratulations!”

  • Environcom has won Circular Economy Champion of the Year!

    We are proud to announce that we have won a prestigious business award in recognition of achieving the most comprehensive circular economic business model.  The circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (make, use, dispose) in which we keep resources in use for as long as possible, extract the maximum value from them whilst in use, then recover and regenerate products and materials at the end of each service life.  This is what happens at Environcom.

    The Green Innovation and Finance Awards identify the businesses building an energy efficient future, while also recognising those who ensure that such innovation and hard work generates genuine economic value in the long term.

    The shortlist of nominees for this award were among the likes of John Lewis, WRAP, Unilever, and National Grid.

    In an article send to local press for publication this week, Cris Stephenson said …”We are delighted to win this prestigious award and it’s a testimony to our dedicated staff who enabled us to achieve the recognition as “the most comprehensive circular economic business model” in the UK. However none of this would be possible without our customers who have embraced and worked hard to recognise returned WEEE as potential Reuse and not as waste. This model could be rolled out to all returned EEE products if the same mind set was taken up. Plus in purely economic terms a Reuse item is worth much more than its component parts and the cost of de-manufacture, so it’s a real win win for the Economy and the Environment.”

    Jon Parsons, Finance Director who picked up the award said “It’s nice to be recognised for not just talking the talk but actually walking the walk”

    Jon at awards
  • Snowdonia Fundraising event

    We would like to say a big thank you to our colleagues and friends who climbed Snowdonia on Saturday 12th November. This was in support of one of our drivers, who has been diagnosed with bowel cancer and is currently undergoing intensive treatment for the third time.

    The group completed the Miner Track route, an 8 mile route there and back with an ascent of 723m, in the freezing cold wind and fierce rain.

    Well done to all of you and also a big thank you to everyone who has supported John and helped to raise money in order to relieve some of the pressure of his ongoing bill payments while he is unable to work.

    So far, a total of £1063 has been raised, smashing the original target of £1000.

    We wish John all the very best on his road to recovery and look forward to seeing him back at work when he is fighting fit again.

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  • Environcom wins second award for 2016 at Grantham

    5 star FlagsThe Environcom group, based at Spittlegate Level in Grantham are pleased to announce the company has achieved a five star grading from its Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit conducted by the British Safety Council.

    Awarded on the 6th of June, 2016, the Grantham facility underwent a detailed, quantified and objective evaluation of its occupational health and safety management system.

    The audit measured our performance against a number of key safety management indicators and achieved the highest rating.

    The British Safety Council’s Five Star Occupational Health and Safety Audit provides organisations with a worldwide benchmark of their safety management systems against current best practice to enable continual improvement.

    The Audit specification was revised in 2013 to include performance measurements in two additional safety management indicators (Leadership and Continuous Improvement) which are continually assessed, alongside other indicators, throughout the audit process.

    Within the revised audit, the British Safety Council has placed a greater emphasis on the organisation’s approach to occupational health, employee wellbeing, safety culture, allocation of resources to health and safety and planning for change; all of which are considered important best practice factors.

    Mr Cris Stephenson, Managing Director of Environcom, said: “I am delighted with the outcome of this award and the other 5 star audits at our Environcom sites in Birmingham and North Wales. This award is a huge credit to all our staff. The British Safety Council 5 star award clearly shows all our commitment to continued safety improvement, throughout the Environcom organisation, and is in addition to the International safety award for 2016 which was gained by the Environcom Grantham site in March this year”.

  • General Manager - Grantham Site

    Carl SylvesterCongratulations to Carl Sylvester, on his promotion to General Manager at the Grantham Site.

    Carl joined Environcom on 1st April 2015 as Group Transport Manager after a career in Transport and Logistics Management for 16 years.  He started off as a Warehouse Operative, and gained knowledge as a HGV1 Driver for 11 years at management level.

    Carl accepted the opportunity to take on the role of General Manager for the Grantham Site and is now responsible for everything to do with reuse, recycling, engineering and transport.

  • Fire at Stourbridge Site - Business as usual


    ENVIRONCOM - Open for Business

    We would like to thank the West Midlands Fire Service for their prompt and effective response to the incident which occurred in the yard at our West Midlands Site. Site controls ensured that all employees were evacuated quickly and safely and no damage was sustained to the operating machinery and site.  We regret the disruption and damage this caused to third parties on Sunday and are working with the fire service to understand the cause of the fire.

    Environcom West Midlands remains open for business.   For specific enquiries please contact our Grantham Head Office on 0844 736 0071

    8th August 2016


  • Grantham Journal News Article - Major fire exercise held at recycling plant

    Fire engine

    By Graham Newton

    Published 15:19 Wednesday 06 July 2016

    A major exercise was held on Monday in Grantham involving the emergency and support services.

    The exercise was held at recycling plant Environcom on Spittlegate Level on Monday.

    Firefighters at the emergency exercise at Environcom in Grantham.

    A site tour was provided by Environcom management before a major table top exercise was undertaken at Grantham fire station, involving Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire County Council, the Environment Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and members of the Anglian Water Emergency response team, based at the Salt March Water treatment and pumping facility.

    At 7pm Environcom provided the backdrop for fire crews in the mock incident, involving a large fire in the workshops and surrounding area, and a simulated rescue of casualties.

    In response to the incident, the Environcom site’s own fire and emergency response tender was supported by senior fire officers and crews from Grantham, Donnington, Bourne and Corby Glen.

    Fire Crew

    At the height of the exercise a total of six fire appliances and a hose-laying support vehicle from Lincoln fire station, attended together with 30 fire officers and senior officers. Smoke generators were used to create a realistic situation.

    One of the key factors of the exercise was aimed at supplying sufficient water to Spittlegate Level to fight a major fire. Lincolnshire Fire Service working with Anglian Water, drew water from the River Witham.

    An Environcom spokesperson said: “It was a tremendous test for our crews and certainly gave us an opportunity to learn valuable lessons from this event. We are very pleased to be working directly with Lincolnshire Fire Service, and feel the exercise raised the standards of our facility. We at Environcom value the advice and expertise of the fire service, and the outcome should stand as a testament to local neighbours and community, that at Environcom, the safety of our employees and local area residents is of paramount importance.”

    Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Deputy Divisional Commander Andy Ford, said he would like to thank the Management and staff at Environcom for allowing access to the premises in order to both test and validate response plans in the unlikely event of an emergency at the site. He said: “We have been working closely with the site management over many months to plan and facilitate the multi-agency table top exercise involving our many partners and it is a credit to the company for their openness and willingness to participate in the multi-agency response planning.

    “Our local fire crews who attended the site were faced with a heavily smoke-logged workshop building and carried out a simulated rescue of a number of missing personnel assisted by the on-site fire team. The exercise provided realistic training and an invaluable experience for our firefighters to deal with an incident at the site, secure adequate water supplies in the event of a fire and ultimately mitigate the impact on the surrounding community to ensure minimal disruption for both local communities and business.”

    Read more: http://www.granthamjournal.co.uk/news/local/major-fire-exercise-held-at-recycling-plant-in-grantham-1-7465215#ixzz4DiQUApxJ






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    In November 2013, Environcom England based in Grantham has been awarded membership of the British Safety Counciland is now recognised as a company "committed and dedicated to keeping our people safe and healthy at work.”

    The British Safety Council is a registered charity that provides health, safety and environmental training, support and advice to members.

    To be awarded membership, Environcom needed to prove its commitment to working safely, including best working practices, which go beyond that of legal compliance with regards to standardised health and safety procedures.,

    Free training, which is also provided as part of the membership, ensures continued improvement for the future of Environcom employees. Environcom as members are also committed to the British Safety Council’s Five Star audit process, and as such aim to reach the highest possible standards ranked by the award of stars, thereby setting the benchmark in order to attain the prestigious and highest scoring 5 star award within the first two years of full membership.

    At Environcom, employee safety and high standards training remains our number one priority, and has been paramount in a programme of revitalising how Environcom has progressed and operated with regards to safety within the Re-use and Recycling Industry.

    Environcom is committed throughout the group to improve safety within the organisation, and the company remains on course and aims and aspires to be, the very best and safest in the Recycling industry by continuing its future partnership with the British Safety Council.

  • Nick Boles' Visit to Environcom

    PRESS RELEASE: Friday 10th October 2014

    BUSINESS & EDUCATION Minister Nick Boles MP


    Environcom announces major investment with Cranfield School of Management and creates 100 new jobs


    "Driving innovation, managing resources and creating skilled jobs within the circular economy is the key to green growth,” said Business & Education Minister Nick Boles MP during a visit to Grantham-based Environcom today (Friday 10th October).

    The minister was at the home of the UK’s biggest independent recycler of WEEE (waste electronic & electrical equipment) to launch a £100,000 joint initiative between Environcom and Cranfield School of Management, a training and development programme which is the first of a number of initiatives by Environcom to drive innovation in green manufacturing and support the growth of the circular economy.

    The first stage of the investment will see Environcom and Cranfield School of Management developing a post graduate programme to look at the various drivers and behaviour change needed to grow the circular economy. The broad-ranging programme will support recycling, usage and sales of second life electrical items and include design, research and business development. The research is designed to support the whole of the green manufacturing sector.

    At the same time, Environcom, which is a major employer in Grantham, also announced the creation of 100 new jobs across its four UK sites, providing further opportunities for young and unemployed people to join the workplace, train and develop their skills in the growing UK recycling industry.

    Environcom now operates four WEEE sites across the UK including Grantham in Lincolnshire, West Midlands, North Wales and North London. Together, they process more than five million items of waste electrical and electronic equipment each year, either for reuse or recycling.

    Nick Boles MP commented: "Environcom is an important employer not only in Grantham but in all of the four areas it operates in. Its collaboration with Cranfield University is an important driver for green manufacturing. In addition, the creation of 100 new jobs across its business will massively help boost these local economies as well as Britain’s wider green economy.”

    Environcom CEO, explains: "Environcom is at the heart of a new manufacturing industry that will create millions of pounds of revenue for the UK economy. Through our reuse and recycling programme, we are re-manufacturing valuable resources such as copper, steel and plastic back into UK industry, as well as creating a new remade in Britain market for waste electrical items. Our announcement with Cranfield is the first step to build vital skills to drive the green economy forward.”

    Environcom is the UK’s biggest independent recycler of WEEE and leads the industry in the area of re-use - its team of expert engineers currently re-use more than 10% of all the electrical items it receives. The company has a number of contracts with leading retailers of electrical goods including John Lewis, Argos and Dixons as well as with key local authorities across the UK and is responsible for their electrical and electronic recycling and reuse requirements in the UK.

    Environcom’s ‘reuse’ and ‘recycling’ model is substantially more beneficial to both the environment and the community than traditional methods of handling WEEE waste. It takes twenty times more energy to mine aluminium than to recycle it and it takes twenty times more energy to turn a scrap machine into a new machine than it does to repair and re-use it.

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