Launch of Domestic Electrical Spares Product Range

Today we launched our new “Domestic Electrical Spares” product range to compliment the reuse activities of white goods, which we are the UK’s market leaders.

We sold our first spare before it even got properly started.  The first purchase was made by Toni Dawson who was presented with a specially wrapped edition of a refurbished fridge shelf.

We have long been using these spare parts from machines, which cannot be repaired, to give another appliance a new lease of life.

Our reuse of whole appliances is popular, providing refurbished high-quality washing machines, ovens, and fridges to the UK and European consumers at attractive prices.

Our next phase aim is to provide affordable spare parts for people to undertake simple repairs or parts replacements in their own homes.

This is a further demonstration of Environcom’s commitment to the waste hierarchy by offering a range of replacement spare parts nationwide, we allow people to extend the lives of their own domestic appliances, supporting the prevention of the generation of e-waste in the first place.

Spare parts for sale include frequently damaged or broken parts such as fridge shelves, salad trays, door shelves as well as electrical components. All spares are cleaned and tested and marketed on our website

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