Grantham Journal News Article - Major fire exercise held at recycling plant

Fire engine

By Graham Newton

Published 15:19 Wednesday 06 July 2016

A major exercise was held on Monday in Grantham involving the emergency and support services.

The exercise was held at recycling plant Environcom on Spittlegate Level on Monday.

Firefighters at the emergency exercise at Environcom in Grantham.

A site tour was provided by Environcom management before a major table top exercise was undertaken at Grantham fire station, involving Lincolnshire Police, Lincolnshire County Council, the Environment Agency, the Health and Safety Executive and members of the Anglian Water Emergency response team, based at the Salt March Water treatment and pumping facility.

At 7pm Environcom provided the backdrop for fire crews in the mock incident, involving a large fire in the workshops and surrounding area, and a simulated rescue of casualties.

In response to the incident, the Environcom site’s own fire and emergency response tender was supported by senior fire officers and crews from Grantham, Donnington, Bourne and Corby Glen.

Fire Crew

At the height of the exercise a total of six fire appliances and a hose-laying support vehicle from Lincoln fire station, attended together with 30 fire officers and senior officers. Smoke generators were used to create a realistic situation.

One of the key factors of the exercise was aimed at supplying sufficient water to Spittlegate Level to fight a major fire. Lincolnshire Fire Service working with Anglian Water, drew water from the River Witham.

An Environcom spokesperson said: “It was a tremendous test for our crews and certainly gave us an opportunity to learn valuable lessons from this event. We are very pleased to be working directly with Lincolnshire Fire Service, and feel the exercise raised the standards of our facility. We at Environcom value the advice and expertise of the fire service, and the outcome should stand as a testament to local neighbours and community, that at Environcom, the safety of our employees and local area residents is of paramount importance.”

Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Deputy Divisional Commander Andy Ford, said he would like to thank the Management and staff at Environcom for allowing access to the premises in order to both test and validate response plans in the unlikely event of an emergency at the site. He said: “We have been working closely with the site management over many months to plan and facilitate the multi-agency table top exercise involving our many partners and it is a credit to the company for their openness and willingness to participate in the multi-agency response planning.

“Our local fire crews who attended the site were faced with a heavily smoke-logged workshop building and carried out a simulated rescue of a number of missing personnel assisted by the on-site fire team. The exercise provided realistic training and an invaluable experience for our firefighters to deal with an incident at the site, secure adequate water supplies in the event of a fire and ultimately mitigate the impact on the surrounding community to ensure minimal disruption for both local communities and business.”

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