Introducing our 24 hour Drop-off zone

We are pleased to be offering local householders a 24 hour, seven days a week drop-off point for their recyclable electrical waste.

We think it will make it more convenient for residents who want to dispose of their electrical waste during the week because the council's recycling site is only open Friday to Monday during the day.

The drop-off point will help fight against fly-tipping in the area and, as a result, stop harmful substances leaking into the environment which has to be cleaned up at a cost to residents through council tax.

Any items dropped off at Environcom will be repaired and tested to see if they can be given a second lease of life through one of its charity partners in the UK. If not, the appliance will be fully recycled in accordance with environmental legislation and the materials will be put back into manufacturing.

Cris Stephenson, CEO of Environcom, said: “We hope this initiative will be seen by our local residents as a more convenient and environmentally beneficial solution compared to using the local household waste recycling centre fulfilling their duty of care, and also a credible alternative by those who may be tempted to dump their electronic waste. If it proves successful, we will be able to increase the number of local jobs and deliver a truly circular approach to dealing with electrical waste.”

Environcom says it will accept all complete domestic electrical equipment free of charge at its site at Spittlegate Level. It may reject any appliances that are missing key components.

Residents can take the following appliances to the drop-off point:

  • Fridges/freezers (compressor not to be removed)
  • Washing machines/tumble dryers
  • Ovens/hobs/cooker hoods
  • Televisions
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Printers (remove ink cartridges)

How to locate the drop off point.

After entering the carpark along the front of the Environcom building, please carry on towards the smaller carpark to the left of the grassy area. You'll see a bicycle parking area to your left and beyond that is our new drop off bay. Please press the intercom to alert a representative that you are depositing your recyclables.

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