Nick Boles' Visit to Environcom

PRESS RELEASE: Friday 10th October 2014



Environcom announces major investment with Cranfield School of Management and creates 100 new jobs


"Driving innovation, managing resources and creating skilled jobs within the circular economy is the key to green growth,” said Business & Education Minister Nick Boles MP during a visit to Grantham-based Environcom today (Friday 10th October).

The minister was at the home of the UK’s biggest independent recycler of WEEE (waste electronic & electrical equipment) to launch a £100,000 joint initiative between Environcom and Cranfield School of Management, a training and development programme which is the first of a number of initiatives by Environcom to drive innovation in green manufacturing and support the growth of the circular economy.

The first stage of the investment will see Environcom and Cranfield School of Management developing a post graduate programme to look at the various drivers and behaviour change needed to grow the circular economy. The broad-ranging programme will support recycling, usage and sales of second life electrical items and include design, research and business development. The research is designed to support the whole of the green manufacturing sector.

At the same time, Environcom, which is a major employer in Grantham, also announced the creation of 100 new jobs across its four UK sites, providing further opportunities for young and unemployed people to join the workplace, train and develop their skills in the growing UK recycling industry.

Environcom now operates four WEEE sites across the UK including Grantham in Lincolnshire, West Midlands, North Wales and North London. Together, they process more than five million items of waste electrical and electronic equipment each year, either for reuse or recycling.

Nick Boles MP commented: "Environcom is an important employer not only in Grantham but in all of the four areas it operates in. Its collaboration with Cranfield University is an important driver for green manufacturing. In addition, the creation of 100 new jobs across its business will massively help boost these local economies as well as Britain’s wider green economy.”

Environcom CEO, explains: "Environcom is at the heart of a new manufacturing industry that will create millions of pounds of revenue for the UK economy. Through our reuse and recycling programme, we are re-manufacturing valuable resources such as copper, steel and plastic back into UK industry, as well as creating a new remade in Britain market for waste electrical items. Our announcement with Cranfield is the first step to build vital skills to drive the green economy forward.”

Environcom is the UK’s biggest independent recycler of WEEE and leads the industry in the area of re-use - its team of expert engineers currently re-use more than 10% of all the electrical items it receives. The company has a number of contracts with leading retailers of electrical goods including John Lewis, Argos and Dixons as well as with key local authorities across the UK and is responsible for their electrical and electronic recycling and reuse requirements in the UK.

Environcom’s ‘reuse’ and ‘recycling’ model is substantially more beneficial to both the environment and the community than traditional methods of handling WEEE waste. It takes twenty times more energy to mine aluminium than to recycle it and it takes twenty times more energy to turn a scrap machine into a new machine than it does to repair and re-use it.

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