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  • Retail Insider Article - Much greater focus needed on reusing goods

    Glynn Davis - Retail Insider - Much greater focus needed on reusing goods

    Reuse needs to become mainstream and not the preserve of the financially strapped or the environmentally savvy.

    It requires a cultural change as well as Government intervention to push the whole thing from cottage industry to the norm.  These seismic changes can occur, take plastic bags in supermarkets or renewable energy, in a very short period of time.

    All it takes is the will and some degree of Government commitment. Reuse could be as mainstream as buying new within a few years and think of the positive environmental impact.

    RetailManufacturers and Retailers should start to rethink their business models, that way they will be ahead of the curve, rather than playing catch up.

    Cris Stephenson CEO

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