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  • A Gift of Trees!

  • Raising Money for Cancer Research

    During March, a few of us from the Grantham office decided to raise some money for Cancer Research by doing the Step up to Cancer Challenge.

    We did 10k steps every day for 31 days including the WEEKENDS—a collective of 1,550,000 steps. Bearing in mind we are office-based, this has been tough!

    So far we have raised an outstanding amount of £830, but it doesn't have to end there! Everyone knows someone who has been affected by this awful disease and every penny really does count to help fund the research so that a cure can be found sooner rather than later. If you would like to make a donation, please use the link below.

    Thank you From the WEEE Walkers (Zoe, Eileen, Adrian, Andrew, Kerry McC, Kerry C, Karina, Mitch)

  • BECS - Bagged E-Waste Collection Service

    We are pleased to announce our 1st Becs (Bagged e-waste collection service) shipment.

    We send out the sack, the client fills it full of e-waste when it's full they use a web portal or call and we collect it within 24/48 hrs from anywhere in the UK for the same price.

    Set up to help those retailers who were in the DTS and now have to accept e-waste in store.

    It's simple for their staff to manage and is of course compliantly reused or recycled.

    By the way, we didn't collect them in the artic unit.....

  • WEEE Runners

    In April four brave colleagues from Environcom decided to embark on a 30 mile run each - WEEE run was born.

    I'm happy to say that collectively we achieved a massive 189 miles, and only one of us was hospitalised.

    Personally, I explored far more of my local neighbourhood than I had planned, just to keep the miles ticking over, and I have gained a new respect for marathon runners who seemingly put themselves through a world of pain, just for fun.

    Written by Jon Parsons, Chief Financial Officer (Pictured with fellow runners - Mayur Khetia, Adrian Munteanu, and Zoe Whitington)

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