Health and Safety


Environcom Head Office



Spittlegate Level, Grantham, NG31 7UH

150,000 sq ft, 10 Acre siteGrantham offers a 24 hour full treatment and recycling service.   Streams processed include:
  • Fridges and white goods
  • All types of air conditioning units
  • IT Hardware & Telecoms equipment
  • Computer monitors & TV sets
  • Small Domestic Appliances 
  • Factory Outlet
Central Services are operated out of Grantham –  Accounts, Customer Service, Health & Safety, Transport, HR and IT. 





Rufford Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands, DY9 7DP

80,000 sq ft, Processing capacity of 350,000 fridges per year and 20k tonnes of small WEEE. Our West Midlands facility is open 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday for deliveries and collections and offers a full Treatment, Recycling and Reuse Service.  Streams processed include:
  • Fridges and white goods
  • All types of air conditioning units
  • IT Hardware & Telecoms equipment
  • Computer monitors & TV sets
  • Small Domestic Appliances
  • Reuse Stock 








Committed to reusing as much WEEE as possible, ENVIRONCOM WEST MIDLANDS has thorough processes to ensure that any WEEE suitable for reuse undergoes numerous tests before being moved to our on-site purpose built reuse department.  




Antelope Industrial Estate, Ryhdymwyn, Mold, CH7 5JH 

30,000 sq ft Capacity to process 500,000 TV sets per year and 20,000 tonnes of TV glass Our Mold facility is open 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday for deliveries and collections and operates as a dedicated CRT processing site.
Using state of the art German built technology, our Mold site processes thousands of televisions per week and is focused on achieving the highest recycling rates possible.

CRT’s are unloaded and either stored or dismantled immediately.

Dismantler’s separate the different metals, plastic and glass.



 Analogue card is separated and put into bags awaiting dispatch via haulier.



The plastic is put into baling machines and baled. The bales are stored in the factory premises awaiting dispatch.

The glass is put into steel bins and transported to unit 8 where it is crushed and the metal is separated.


Flat screens are sorted onto pallets and banded. These are dispatched to Ripon recycling where they are dismantled.


Some flat screens are dismantled on site. The analogue board is separated into high grade and low grade. The metal is stripped and the plastic is baled.




Various amounts of SMW are delivered onto site, where they are sorted and used in either non-ferrous or transferred to Grantham.


CRT Glass is crushed and the metal is separated using a magnetised drum.


The steel is put into skips and transferred to EMR.


Crushed glass is stored in bulk and put through Line 2.


Line 2 is used to wash the glass using Polygold K540 flocculent. This removes any contaminants.



The x-ray machine is used to separate the glass into Funnel and Panel.




Funnel glass is then fed into Line 3 and Line 4. The glass is crushed to size 0-6mm aggregates called RSA6.


Glass oversize is put back through the lines.


On Line 3 we have a manual picking station to remove any remaining contaminants from the glass before crushing.



Throughout all 3 shifts the glass is tested to see the percentage of lead still in it. This is done at least twice per shift.



The results are recorded onto a laptop database.


Line 5 is used to separate fine glass from larger glass. The larger glass is fed through Line 4 and crushed and the fines are used as product.




We stockpile the RSA6 waiting for dispatch. It is regularly quality tested for remaining contaminants.



All vehicles entering site must report to the office where instructions are given out and paperwork is handed in.